Monday, 7 February 2011

Photoshoot Trends

We did lots of trend research before our shoot mainly looking at the upcoming season of Spring/Summer 2011. The final trends we incorporated into our shoot were:


 Nicholas Vaudelet

                                                                         Angel Schlesser

 Maria Escote

                                                                          Antonio Alvarado

Amaya Arzuaga

Our take on the leather trend !


Hotpants were a key item- particularly in leather. However we chose to incorporate the denim trend in with the shorts.


Mottled, speckled or pointilised patterns were used in this trend as well as small scale gingham checks. I think this helped to influence our use of pattern in the shoot:

Most of the trends for this season were quite fun and not to be taken too seriously. I think this was an ideal season to influence our shoot as it was quite a fun idea behind it and I think the trends mirror our iconic theme really well.

By Kate Murray.

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