Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Bunny Ears Trending?

The more I have been researching Minnie Mouse ears, the more I have noticed how many designers/celebrities have incorporated this into their look. Wether it be an edge on the Minnie Mouse ears or some kind of animal ear. The look is edgy, luxurious and brings a fresh new look to the world of fashion, I think this trend could go further and be incorporated into the everyday look. Goodbye the average alice band.


Here we see French model Morgane Dubled modelling the trend, that had been apparently started when Louis Vuitton sent his models down the runway with 'funny' headwear. The images were shown in the September issue of Jalouse in 2009.These images are really strong and have that edge that we are looking to portray in our final shoot.

This is the catwalk shoot where we were first introduced to the bunny ear headwear, Louis Vuitton sent his models down the runway, in these extravagant headpieces, modelling his Autumn/Winter 09/10 collection;

The look was also spotted in Maison Michels Autumn/Winter 09/10 collection, that was shot by Karl Lagerfeld, his accessories are created using the use of lace;
I love how the model in this image is wearing Stella McCartneys Comic Relief charity t-shirt that I mentioned in a previous post, this suggests that the shoot was supposed to be fun and not taken too seriously.

Chanel Iman was featured in a shoot for Vogue Germany in December 2009, this impersonation of Minnie takes edginess to its extreme;


There is a mix of images in this Vogue photoshoot, the first few images are like Minnies sweet character and the last two black and white images put an edge on traditional Minnie, this is how we want to incorporate Minnie in our photoshoot.

I found this gorgeous image, of Perth model Skye Stracke, that was featured in Marie Clare. The ears have been made out of a light material and it has just been shaped into bunny ears, they are really effective;

Some celebrities have been spotted taking on the trend, Cheryl Cole was spotted on X Factor with her hair in buns that looked like Minnie ears, Rihanna modelled a Minnie Mouse hat in one of her music videos & Lady Gaga has been spotted on several occasions with ear headbands and her hair in a bow like Minnie;


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