Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Iconic Imagery Ideas

>> 'The more you look at the same exact thing, the more the meaning goes away and the better and emptier you feel.'- Andy Warhol 1975.
This is the quote used for the introduction to our Fashion Appropriation project and sums up what we aim to achieve and create throughout the next few weeks. We-as in myself, Kirsty, Jayne, Leah and Michelle- will be taking an image that already exists and will be creating four brand new images with our own creative view and twist on the original to create something fresh and exciting. This blog will show our inspiration and development throughout our research and our photoshoot to show how we reach our final fashion images.
We all began by gathering our own research and exploring our own ideas for an original and iconic image or piece of art or graphic that would be our starting point. Being the 'scouse' one in the group one of my first thoughts was of the Beatles- who are one of the most iconic bands of all time and have loads of really iconic images that would be really good for us to use.

This image of the band walking across a zebra crossing is one of the most famous and recognised images. The zebra crossing would be a good location idea or even just as inspiration for clothing or makeup such as black and white stripes. We could recreate it using just boys or change it to four girls in dresses? Or even use both. I love the idea of them walking the opposite way and I also love the taxi and the beatle in the background!

This photo stood out to me as it is fun and even though it is in black and white it is full of life. The way they are jumping could easily be recreated but in so many different ways.

I love this one! The four of them with the alternating coloured umberellas reminded me of a male equivalent of the girl band The Saturdays in their different coloured tights when they released their first single 'Up'. It offers loads of possibilities for a shoot too from the styling of the suits to the use of colour.

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