Saturday, 22 January 2011


Man Ray was a  painter, photographer and film director exponent of Dadaism. However, he is known as one of the most important surrealist photographers, having made his first important photographs in 1918.
Man Ray revolutionized the art of photography by inevnting a new technique; rayograph, obtained by placing objects directly on photographic paper. Man Ray discovered it by chance in 1921. While developing some photographs in the darkroom, a sheet of plain paper, incidentally, ended with the others making nothing appare on the paper. So he based, rather irritated, a series of glass objects on the sheet still soaking and turned on the lights ready to discover that he obtained incredible distorted images almost in relief on the black background.
Through his  rayograms, built on his surname that simultaneously evokes brightness, he could explore and emphasize the paradox of everyday life.  

 Man Ray, Untitled (Rayograph), 1923   Man Ray, Gun and key no. 37 (Rayograph), 1922  


The thought of using Man Ray as inspiration came to me with his the famous photo Le Violon d'Ingres where the body of a woman is turned into a musical instrument with the crude addition of a few brushstrokes. 


This concept of turning a human body into a normal lifeless object cought my attention and i thought this idea could be used for an interesting photoshoot. 
This is an example of a body with a computer face which exemplifies what im trying to say. 

by Michelle Vacchini 

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