Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Sixteenth Century inspiration in Fashion

Giuseppe Arcimboldo was an Italian painter during the Sixteenth century and his fame is due to his Four Seasons,the very well known anthropomorphic heads composed by fruit and vegetables, fish and flowers, branches and leaves.  The Four Seasons are an allegory of the four ages of man. Spring is made of flowers of every kind, summer and autumn are made with fruit and vegetables of the season and winter by a plethora of impressive roots and branches with ivy and tree fungi.
 I believe that these are masterpieces of the 'Renaissance period and we could do a photoshoot based on his complex attempt of  camouflage.





I also found out that there have been e few attemps around the world of trying to make clothes out of vegetables. A Russian cook has tryed to mix her job with her passion by makeing clothes out of her garden vegetables.  


Also in Amsterdam's international fashion week 2010 the Green Fashion competition took place.
The aim of this competition is to find artists that want to create a fashion business while sustaining biodiversity  

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by Michelle Vacchini

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