Thursday, 27 January 2011

Mickey and Minnies Evolvement through the Years

If you look at the original cartoons of Minnie and Mickey mouse in their early black and white versions to the modern day cartoons you can really see the changes that have occured:

The earlier cartoons are much more like animated silent movies- they are very musical (with pianos being a key feature) and there is little or no speech. Minnies flapper style of dress Kirsty described earlier is also clear in these cartoons as Minnie is wearing a little hat rather than her iconic bow. The style of the cartoon is much more simple also as it is in basic black and white and the way in which they move is totally different to how the modern day mickey is animated.

I picked these three videos to show the progression of Mickey and Minnie through colour and to the most recent style of cartoon which is no longer illustrated but animated. I think it is important that we try and convey this growth and evolution somehow in our images- whether that be through our outfits or our use of colour.

I think it is also important to notice that throughout the years and many changes to both Mickey and Minnie- the one thing that has remained constant are the iconic ears!

by Kate Murray.

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