Sunday, 30 January 2011

PhotoShop Artist's

After we did our shoot i thought it would be a good idea to look at PhotoShop Artist's as we would be using PhotoShop to edit our images. I found these artist's called Maciej Hajnrich, Marco Escobedo and Cynthia Sheppardt, who do some amazing work using PhotoShop. Even though we wont be making these extreme adjustments to our images i thought these images would be quite interesting to look at.           

                                                              Maciej Hajnrich

                                                        Marco Escobedo

                                               Cynthia Sheppardt

I thought this last artist really linked to our work because the images are quite like cartoons in the way they don't look realistic. This is maybe something we could think about because when we are editing our images we could try different effects over the photos and see how they work out and see what effects we can create.  

Posted by Jayne Arundale.

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