Monday, 31 January 2011

Final Colour Palette

When we did the photoshoot, we knew what kind of of clothing we wanted but to us it was more about print's and patterns rather then the colour! We liked the idea of mixing and matching to create a more quirky look, moving away from Minnie's "perfect girly" image that she is known for.
It was vital to include polka dotts, as they are the most iconic symbol alongside the ear's that make you instantly recognise Minnie, however we thought why not add some stripes and check prints to mix it up a bit? Having liked this idea, it gave a modern twist and edge that we wanted for our different looks.
When we put our wardrobes together,(photo's of original ideas were posted on facebook page )we narrowed down outfits, we found that a lot of the clothing did contain Navy and red which would of symbolised girly Minnie and one particular outfit we chosen had a nautical twist so I have researched into that trend while also sticking to black shades and different types of textures for the more edgy Minnie. Leather leggings were one of our favourite pieces for this look,they symbolised Minnie's legs and  they worked with all different types of tops, which were chiffon materials and had printed patterns.
By Leah Brown

Nautical look, red with blue stripes we did some styling similar. 

The red Lips..vital to Minnie's look. 

Small Polka dotts. 

The black and white dotts. 
Trends showing how you can wear different types of stripes.

Mix match of prints. 

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