Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Photographer:Zena Holloway

Zena Holloway professional underwater photographer, I was introduced to this photographer yesterday in my photography lecture. As soon as i saw Zena Holloway's photographs i instantly thought of our photoshoot. The movement  Holloway captures under water is incredible and i think if we could create movement in our photographs i think it would bring the photographs alive just like  Zena Holloway dose in her photographs.

 Also when i was looking at Zena Holloway i found another photographer that worked in the same style but they where more child like so i thought the would link in nice too. 

                                                  Elena Kalis: Photographer

Not just the movement fits in with what we might want to do in our photoshoot but also i came across some geisha looking photographs that i thought we could have a look at. 
  Geisha look again.
 Personally i think these photographs are beautiful the movement in the photos really make the difference from just having static model. I think this is something we could think about and maybe have a go at in our photoshoot. I know these photographs are quite fairy tail like but i think if we mixed the movement with the odd poses Michelle found i think the photographs would really work. 
Posted by Jayne Arundale.

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