Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Minnie Mouse Ears - Geisha Style

When researching Minnie Mouse and how she has been portrayed in a different light, we came across these images. The images show a very drastic, very different apporach to Minnie as we usually look at Minnie in a sweet, pretty, pink kind of way. We like these images and the way you still recognise the ears of original Minnie but brings a fresh new approach making it very original. We have decided to look closer at the geisha look and see how we can incorporate the look into our shoot as we want to put an 'edge' on original Minnie. We like the way these images are created using other objects in place of original Minnie ears, it shows that you could use any objects in place of the original shape and you still recognise Minnie. We will definately be looking at how we can recreate this for our shoot.


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