Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Photographer Mario Testino.

Fashion Photographer Mario Testino is frequently doing photo stories for Vouge, Gucci also photographing the celebrity's. Hes best known for photographing Dianna, Princess of wales.
The reason i chose to post this photographer is because the work he dose is mainly in black and white and this was something we wanted to try in our photoshoot.

If any of these photographs where in black+white i don't think they would have half the impact on the reader. The contrast within the shades just brings so much depth to the photograph. I think if we create a high quality RAW photograph and play around with the photograph on Photoshop and have the correct lighting i think our photographs would look great in black and white. But as a back up i think we should shoot in colour and then we can see what they look like in black and white just in case because you cant get colour back in a photograph. Its easier to shoot in colour and turn it black and white.

I also think the lighting works well in these photographs the only thing is i think with our shoot we will be working in a studio and will want backdrops of different colours or just a plain pristine white backgrounds. So if we did want to change the back ground it would be easier to edit on Photoshop. So we would be having lighting on the backdrop. but the way the lighting falls on the face or body's in these photographs i think is really nice but im going to try and look for another photographer that suits our photoshoot with the lighting aspect.

Posted by Jayne Arundale.

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