Tuesday, 25 January 2011

style poses

I have researched some interesting poses that we could use for a photoshoot. Because we have decided to do black and white photos the poses the girl is going to be in have to be particularly quirky and unusual so that we can give that eccentric look we want to achieve.

This pic above may not look quirky enough but if we picture it with the style we are using and the props, the sitting down look could work.

I also looked for a few face close ups that we could get inspiration from. I love the one with the chewing gum in her mouth it remainds me of being young and that has a lot to do with minnie/mickey mouse. 

I think that this Takuya Uchiyama picture could look very good with the ears and the red lipstick peeking out!!!


    I love the kneeling down style.

Patrick Demarchelier, an absolut icon in fashion photography, inspired me with some of his looks.


These are just a few ideas we could get inspiration from i ll be researching more tomorrow.

by Michelle Vacchini

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