Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Geisha Inspiration

After seeing the images Kirsty found of the Minnie Mouse ears used together with a Geisha style, we decided to take this further for our photoshoot inspiration.
I found tons of inspiration in magazines that have used a similar Geisha style:

Dazed and Confused
Jan 2010 

What stands out to me in this image is the monochrome dress used against the peach/orange background. The colours really pop on the page. Monochrome is also a forthcoming trend for the Spring/Summer 2011 season which I will look at in more detail later.


The style of the makeup is very similar to that of a geisha with the pale face and the red lips. This is exactly the kind of look we want to go for. I really like this as it comes across as really simple but you still get that feel of a Geisha when you look at it.

I found some more examples of Geisha inspired makeup that are more exaggerated and extreme:

 This is a more extreme take on the Geisha style but I think it really stands out. The style of the pattern that the makeup creates is very similar to the style of the Rorschach inkblot test- a psychological test measuring the subjects perception. I think this really ties in nicely with our project as we are using our own perception of an iconic image to create something new and exciting.

Pale blue and pink makeup used in a avant-guarde style is also very common which steps away from the traditional black, red and white colour palette associated with Geishas. Although the traditional colour pallette is probably more suitable to our traditional minnie mouse image as it is a similar (in fact almost the same) colour pallette used. However, blue is another key trend for the S/S 11 season and this is a really good example of how you can update a traditional look without losing the original identity.
I particularly like the way the pink is used around the eyes in the image above and in contrast I love the full lashes below. 
I also found some example of Anime fashion:

This is a japanese fashion style that is inspired by graphics and cartoon styles. I felt this tied in really nicely with our original cartoon inspiration and our Geishas inspiration.

 Dazed and Confused
Jan 2011

I really loved this shoot in Dazed and Confused. I thought the shadow effect in the background would work really well in our shoot as I think it is the silhouette of the ears that is really iconic and it is a way of working them into the shoot that is different and not too obvious. We could acheive a similar image really easily in our own photoshoot as we will be doing a studio photoshoot.

I found another example of the use of shadowing in photography teamed with a japanese Geisha style:

'Cherry Blossom Girl' by Nicoline Patricia Malina, is an amazing photoshoot that plays and manipulates the light and the shadow to enhance the sensuality of the images.  Malina uses a projector to superimpose images and shapes atop the model’s face to add to the glamour and high-tech drama.

by Kate Murray.

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